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WZGrapher Function Graphing and Math Program
Quick Function Graph Plotter with small footprint.
Additional features: numerical integration and derivation, numerical solution of ordinary differential equations (ODE) up to the fifth order. Scrolling and zooming the displayed range, copying graphs into other applications, saving your work as WZG files. The most important actions can even be done with Mouse Gestures. Built-in function calculator and numerical differential equation ( ODE ) solver which can generate value tables including the first derivative values.
Despite these and more features, the size of WZGrapher is just ~220 KB, download size 127 KB. Written in C language.
4. 11. 2007: Version 0.95 available. Free Download
Web Development: Advanced DHTML, JavaScript
JavaScript Vectorgraphics Library
Graphics capabilities for JavaScript. Routines to draw inclined (oblique) lines, ellipses, circles, rectangles, polylines, polygons. Elements which actually aren't available through HTML.
Get a demonstration on this page.
Drag'nDrop & DHTML Library
A DHTML JavaScript Library with extended yet easily understandable DHTML API. Provides also Drag & Drop functionality for layers and images, as will be demonstrated on this page. wz_dragdrop.js provides extended DHTML abilities.
Tooltips with JavaScript
A cross-browser JavaScript to create tooltips (popup information boxes over HTML elements). The appearance and behaviour of these tooltips can be customized in multiple ways (color, border, shadow, balloon style, fadein/out etc.). The tooltips may contain plain text as well as HTML, for instance images etc.
Rotate Image
An experimental JavaScript Library to rotate images dynamically by arbitrary angles. Just a demonstration - it's strictly advised against using this JavaScript experiment on a website!!
I've put these four JavaScript libraries under the LGPL (Lesser General Public License, ). You may use them for free under the terms of the LGPL and of my copyright.
Online JavaScript Tools
Online Function Grapher
Written in JavaScript. Draws function graphs directly into the browser window - no download, no plugins required.
Copyright YES, Software patents (minefields to developers and smaller innovative companies) NO
· Wikipedia: Software patent debate (good collection of pro/contra arguments, including essential arguments against software patents)
· FFII (important)

kreuzot.jpg, 66kB
The Kreuzotter, homebuilt (teamwork) Carbon recumbent lowracer

Online bicycle calculators and simulators, written in JavaScript and Java:
· Speed and Power Calculator, comparing different types of bicycles,
taking into account also slope of road, air density via barometric formula, wind speed, weight of bike and rider, rider's body height, etc.
· Steering Geometry Calculator.
Geometrical relation between head tube angle, trail and fork rake.
· Spoke Length Calculator.
· Interactive Graphical Rear-Wheel Suspension Simulator, calculates pogo-effect and pedal-kickback.
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